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Current Mortgage Rates

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  • 5 year Zero Down Mortgage2.97%
  • 5 Year Quick Close Mortgage2.89%
  • 5 Year Variable Closed2.40%
  • 3 Year Closed Mortgage2.89%
  • Home Equity Line of Credit3.50%
1 year fixed Closed Term2.79%
1 year Fixed Open Term4.50%
2 year Fixed Closed Term2.89%
3 year Fixed Closed Term2.89%
3 year Variable Closed Term2.50%
4 year Fixed Closed Term2.99%
5 year Fixed Closed Term2.89%
5 year Variable Closed Term2.40%
5 year Quick Close Fixed Sp2.89%
5 year Fixed Closed Builder3.99%
Open Home Equity Line3.50%
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Current Mortgage Rates: Our mortgage interest rates are subject to change without notice at any time. Some rates may be subject to minimum credit score O.A.C. If you have any questions regarding the rates offered please don't hesitate to contact us at 780-504-7024 or 1-866-690-7704.

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Free Mortgage Services for Albertans

As licensed Alberta Mortgage Brokers our services are absolutely free. It's true! We are mortgage professionals who specialize in arranging the best mortgage rate and product for you. We have access to numerous banks and mortgage lenders in Alberta and can shop your mortgage for you. We have literally saved our client's millions of dollars in mortgage interest - and in many cases that money was saved with the very bank they planned to apply for a mortgage. Give us a Try!

Alberta Mortgage Source

Let The Government Pay For Your Lawyer!

The Federal Government allows First-Time Home Buyers to claim up to $750 in tax credits when buying a new home. So keep your invoice from the inspector or lawyer and you can claim it on Line 369 of your Tax return. Buying a new home in Alberta can be expensive, especially when you have a bright shiny new mortgage too - we know every dollar counts so don't miss out on this program.

Alberta Mortgage Source

Own a Home Today with Zero Down Payment

Contrary to popular belief the Federal Government continues to allow home buyers to purchase a home with no down payment. Currently there is only one program left for 0% down and we are the leading experts in this product. Contact us today and we'll help you determine if this option is available to you!


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I have worked in my current employment for and I am earning a of
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"Thanks Alberta Mortgage Source. We really appreciate all the work you did for us and the thre great rate we have on our rental property and current home."
- Tim and Dana G
"I was a little nervous applying for the first time ever. I though it was going to be a lot harder but you really made is pain free. Thank You!"
- Rhandi
"I'm not a big fan paying interest to the banks and when I was offered hardly any discount off the posted bank rate I'm glad I called you guys. You have a client for life."
- Arthur D

Credit Tips

Equifax credit rating

Your credit score is one of the most important factors when applying for a mortgage approval. Click on Equifax image to the left to look up your credit score and history. The full report costs $24 however it will contain your credit score and notify you of items that need attention. If you have no missed payments or collections and your credit score is in the low 600 to 650 range, contact us and we'll be happy to give you some advice on how to bump your score up quickly The ideal credit score is typically 680 and above when applying for a mortgage. Low scores are permitted we can help!


We do not release your email to any third party or add it to any marketing list whatsoever. Your email is required only to send you a copy of our results. Privacy Policy.


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